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Educator, professional, Sheikh al-Usaimin


The independence of our nation is to educate
people's lives so that we become a dignified nation, a just,
prosperous and prosperous nation. For this reason, the
government and the DPR have enacted the National
Education System Law. One of the important elements of
education are educators or teachers or lecturers. The success
of education is much influenced by the competence and
personality of an educator. Therefore, the professionalism of
an educator is emphasized in an effort to achieve educational
goals. The existence of a figure, namely Sheikh Usaimin, who
has proven successful in giving birth to many figures and
scholars, is very interesting to discuss how he thinks about
professional educators. This research is a qualitative type
with a character study approach with a library research
method. the information needed was collected from the
books of Sheikh al-Usaimin namely the book of Majmu
'Fatawa wa Rasail Fadilah ash-Shaykh al-Usaimin, the book
of Syarah Riyad as-Salihin and the book of Tafsir Surah alKahf. Analysis of the information obtained was carried out by
the method of content analysis. The results of the study show
how the principles of an educator and how he behaves and
behaves in educating students. Among the principles and
attitudes of a professional educator according to Sheikh is
that educators must be happy in teaching, love their students,
can be role models for them and be sincere, diligent and
creative in teaching. 


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PENDIDIK PROFESIONAL MENURUT SYEKHAL-USAIMIN. (2021). Wahana Islamika: Jurnal Studi Keislaman, 7(2), 198-218.

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