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History, Quranic printing, Central Java


The purpose of this research is to find out the
history of Qur’anic printing in Central Java. This is motivated
by differences between previous researchers in terms of
determining the company that printed the Qur`an first in
Central Java. Some mentioned PT Thoha Putra Semarang and
some others mentioned PT Menara Kudus. The difference of
opinion arises because the data they use is not primary data.
This research method uses historical research. Apart from PT
Menara Kudus and PT Thoha Putra Semarang, this research
data was also obtained from PT Tiga Serangkai Solo; as a
form of continuation of the history of printing the Koran in
Central Java. The data obtained and processed in this study
are primary data, namely manuscripts printed by the three
companies and interviews with directors or managers of
these companies. The results of this research that PT Menara
Kudus was the first company to print the Qur`an in Central
Java, in 1959. Then it was followed by PT Thoha Putra
Semarang in 1977. The development of printing the Qur`an
continued until now, even more crowded with the presence
of companies that were not involved in the world of printing
the Qur`an, then participated in printing the Koran. This can
be seen from the manuscripts printed by PT Tiga Serangkai
Solo which look more contemporary. 


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SEJARAH PENCETAKAN AL-QUR`AN DI JAWA TENGAH. (2021). Wahana Islamika: Jurnal Studi Keislaman, 7(2), 306-324.

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